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Black History Month Knowledge Bowl

Student Council will be hosting a Black History Month Knowledge Bowl on Weds 2/16 from 2:30-4:00. This is a chance for you to show off your knowledge of the Movement for African American Civil Rights! Form a team of up to 4 people and compete in 5 rounds of questions. The winners will recieve a prize package valued a $100 per team! 
Form a team today!


Students sign up here!!  

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Interested high school students and future freshman (8th grade only) can learn more about Lincoln at one of our upcoming Shadow Days!

School Administration

School Principal: Kristian Foster

Grade 9 Assistant Principal: Veneta Pearson     

Grade 10 Assistant Principal: Seth Oldham

Grade 11-12 Assistant Principal: Geoffrey Talboy


Counseling Office

College and Career Counselor: Kathie Mahan


  • College Application Process

  • ACT

  • Scholarship Opportunities


Grades 9: Rachel Pinci

  • Course Selection 

  • Mental Health Resources

  • Stress, Anxiety, and Emotional Support

  • Students in Transition Help


Grades 10-12 Last Name A-L: Elyria Vandegrift

  • Course Selection

  • Mental Health Resources

  • Transcript Evaluation

  • Students in Transition Help


Grades 10-12 Last Name M-Z: Nyree Smith

  • Course Selection

  • Mental Health Resources

  • Transcript Evaluation

  • Students in Transition Help

Counseling Office Cont.

Social Worker: Arica Miller


  • Food/Clothing/Housing Assistance

  • Trauma Informed Assistance

Scholarships: Joyce Nguyen-Hernandez


  • Scholarship Opportunities

  • College Application Assistance

Office Staff

Attendance Secretary: Jackie Green

  • Attendance Questions

  • Attendance Documentation


School Registrar: Janea Stemmons-Hill


  • Student Records/Enrollment

  • A+ Coordinator for the A+ Program

  • Transcript Requests 

  • Class Ranking


IB Coordinator: Chris Jennens


  • IB Program Requirements

  • CAS program administration

  • IB Course Selection

  • IB Exam Questions

Teaching Staff

Name Email Name Email Name Email
Aguilar, Josue Fowler, Elizabeth McDowell, Jessica
Allen, Abbey Fuendling, Brooke Morris, Taylor
Bair, Kevin Golston, Elma Parham, Ayla
Bata, Jason Griesbach, Anna Payton, Cynthia
Bishop, Linda Griesbach, Anna Perkins, Kristen
Bouas, Lauren Halley, Jean Price, Nicole
Brown, Herman James, Andrea Ranstrom, Erik
Cooper, Danielle Jarrell, Cory Rider, Kevin
Corless, Rhen Jennens, Chris Scrivener, Darla
Daud, Fatimah Kacillas, Shellie Snider, Taylor
Diagana, Mohamadou Lahm, Melissa Starr, Auriel
Dierksen, Sarah Logan, Nicholas Sterk, Kim-Alys
Doram, Jonathan Lopez, Marina Sutton, Marianne
Edwards, Anthony Lowe, William Vinaimont, Phillipe
Ellis, Diazhane Mailen, Jaclyn Wagne, Oumar
Fitzpatrick, Ryan McCreary, Randi Whitaker, Joshua
  Yang, Jing